Top 10 Best Polo Shirts in Pakistan for 2023: Ultimate Style & Quality Guide

Polo shirts have been known for their multi-purpose uses for many years now. Many celebrities and even the royal family have been spotted wearing polo shirts at various times. Polo shirts are trendy as they can be worn comfortably in the hotter climate of Pakistan. Polo shirts combine your unique style with utmost comfort to make sure that you make a statement in style. Make your vibe unique by choosing the best polo shirts in Pakistan!

Best Polo Shirts in Pakistan and How to Style Them

There are many different types of polo shirts that are customised for different occasions. For example, if you are going out to play football with your friends, you wouldn’t choose a wool polo shirt. Instead, you would choose a short-sleeved polo with a shorter torso length. Here are the best ten polo shirts in Pakistan and how to style them!

  • 1- Short-Sleeved Polos; Best for Sports

  • Short sleeve polos are one of the most popular polo shirts in Pakistan. Many people prefer wearing short-sleeved polos so they can easily play sports. Comfort should always be a priority when looking for the best polo shirt brands in Pakistan. Short-sleeved polos can be worn with jeans for any casual day out.

  • 2- Pique Polos; Casual but Stylish

  • Pique Polos are named after the fabric they are made from. Pique polos are made from a type of cotton that is comfortable as well as durable. Best polo shirts brands in Pakistan feature Pique polos to add to your stylish wardrobe. You can wear a pique polo when you are going out for lunch with a friend or even in your day-to-day wear.

  • 3- Pima Cotton Polos; Lightweight and Durable

  • Pima cotton polos are made from cotton that is lighter in weight. The additional lightness of the cotton helps make the fabric more breathable. Pima cotton polos are nowadays one of the most popular polo shirts Pakistan due to their quality and fabric. Players have to make sure their shirts are light enough for them to sweat through and wick moisture.

  • 4- Long Sleeved Polos; Formal and Unique

  • Long-sleeved polos are also very popular nowadays. Not only do they appear more formal but are also very unique. You can buy polo shirts online and browse the catalogue if you are going for more of a formal look. Long-sleeved polos also have many distinguishing features such as button-down collars or buttoning sleeve cuffs.

  • 5- Wool Polos; Best for Winter

  • Wool Polos are relatively more popular around the winters. Some of the best polo shirts brands in Pakistan feature wool polos with collars and buttoning plackets. You can wear them alone or by layering a sweater on them for more of a distinguished look. Many colours are available but blue and black wool polos are a cult favourite.

  • 6- Golf Polos; Play with Style

  • Golf Polos are one of the best polo shirts in Pakistan. The shirts are designed for extended mobility and are comfortable so you can play golf in them easily. Golf polos can be collared or without collars and have many variations in style. The material is also durable and breathable.

  • 7- Rugby Polo Shirts; Leisure and Fashion

  • Rugby polo shirts are mostly made of alternating stripes. The shirts are long-sleeved and sometimes feature a signature or sigil of a team. Rugby polo shirts can be bought from the best polo shirts brands in Pakistan. Sometimes the shirts also have contrasting colors and cuffs to represent different teams.

  • 8- Performance Polo Shirt; Elegant and Functional

  • Performance polo shirts are made for energetic lifestyles. You can buy polo shirts online and search for performance polo shirts. The design of the shirts is elegant but also functional for daily life. Some of them also include reflective qualities for low-light situations.

  • 9- Pocket Polo Shirts; Practical and Unique

  • Pocket polo shirts are featured by all of the best polo shirts brands in Pakistan. The pocket on the shirt represents a practical approach to fashion. Pocket polo shirts can be worn with casual jeans in offices or when going out.

  • 10- Silk and Linen Polo Shirts; Beauty and Style

  • Silk and linen polo shirts represent luxury and elegance. The best polo shirts brands in Pakistan always carry a silk and linen variety for people who want to dress in a more chic way. The silk and linen polos are not as popular as the other polo shirts as of now but the only constant in fashion is change.

    In conclusion, there are many types of polo shirts Pakistan to choose from. You can go for cotton polos if you want to play sports or wool polos if you want to make a statement in winter. You can buy polo shirts online or by going to your nearest mall. Why wear boring clothes to your office when you can show off your style with polo shirts?